Veranear en Llanes

Apartments environment.

To say Asturias is to say nature and landscape.

Because if there is something that differentiates Asturias the rest of those who make up the Cantabrian coast, it is the conservation of the environment. Being its “scenic value” the most important equity value of its territorio.Tomando Apartments Pendueles La Llobera and as a starting point, accederéis the wide landscape, cultural, artistic and gastronomic offer that covers the region of Eastern Asturias. From La Llobera we will offer routes to the letter that you do not miss not one of the corners of our territory.

The landscape of our particular Natural Paradise surprises at every turn, in a given space by the short distance between the sea and the mountains.

The coast is a colorful compendium of beaches, coves, cliffs, formations and buffoons. The mountain, with the Picos de Europa to the head, accompanied by a succession of mountains that penetrate the sea. Not to mention the diversity of relict forests, sample a wide variety of native flora and varied ecosystems that are home to different species of the most representative Asturian fauna.

And dotting this natural whole, they are scattered very recognized Villas Asturias, Llanes, Ribadesella and Cangas de Onis as bearers of a wide cultural offer, which include Asturian medieval towns, Romanesque and pre-Romanesque and called Paradise Rock; Caves such as Tito Bustillo in Ribadesella or El Pinal in Pimiango are true gems of Paleolithic Art.

In short, a space that invite you to discover a place where getting lost is an advantage where any road or path leads to a surprising extent.

Hiking in Llanes.

In addition to these routes, from Apartments La Llobera, we will inform on other routes to boot, not just the Council Llanes, but elsewhere in the Asturian geography. A sea of paths, roads or trails adaptable to any age or fitness.

Below we detail some basic recommendations for hiking and we remind you that whenever we get into nature we be respectful to her.

You should choose a suitable route to our physical condition.

It is advisable to tours calmly, at a constant Comodoy step to avoid unnecessary stops.

  • You should not speak too loudly or shout in order to not disturb the animals.
  • Respect the extent possible the route of the trail.
  • Do not throw any trash.
  • Not to fire or throw cigarette butts.
  • Use boots or shoes firm sole.
  • Clothing (the essential but comfortable).
  • Warmer clothes or raincoat.
  • Cane, mobile, water and nuts.